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If you are seeking help from Community Care Services you can call us at 313-389-7500 or request a call back from one of our access staff.


If there is an immediate risk of injury or death, please call 911. For a suicide prevention hotline, please call 1-(844)-623-4347.

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What’s New

NEW! CCS is now offering a Medication Assisted Treatment program.
To learn more, click here Medication Assisted Treatment

Supported Education Program is now accepting applications.
To learn more, click here Supported Education Program

Turning Point Clubhouse is now accepting membership applications.
To learn more, click here Turning Point Clubhouse

Customer Portal

Our customer portal provides you real time access to your diagnosis, your treatment, medications and more. Through the portal you can communicate directly with your therapist, and you’ll also be able to view your upcoming appointments. The portal is private, secure and confidential. Community Care Services will provide you with your case number and PIN, which you will use to activate you online account. Once your account is created you simply enter your user name and password to login.

The customer portal is NOT for emergencies. If you are having an emergency, call 911 right away.

Customer Portal link

Steps for creating an account

  1. To create an account click “Get Started” button
  2. Fill in required fields
  3. Enter your CASE NUMBER
  4. Enter your PIN
  5. Click “Create Account” button

If you need assistance setting up your account call us at (313) 389-7500 and we’ll be happy to help.

Patient Rights

We encourage you to ask questions about your treatment, know your rights as a patient, and advocate for services you feel are in your best interest. Community Care Services strives to treat every client with compassion, dignity and respect.

Know your rights

Report your concerns
If you have concerns about client care and/or safety, contact our Quality Improvement Coordinator, Kelly Marietti at (313) 389-7500.

File a formal complaint