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If you are seeking help from Community Care Services you can call us at 313-389-7500 or request a call back from one of our access staff.


If there is an immediate risk of injury or death, please call 911. For a suicide prevention hotline, please call 1-(844)-623-4347.

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Jun 18

Managing emotions and anxiety during tumultuous time

Managing emotions and anxiety during tumultuous times  

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May 1

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Coping during covid-19 for children adults

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Apr 14

Metro Detroit Nonprofit Offers Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling to Restaurant Workers

Community Care Services is providing telehealth services and resources geared towards uninsured or underinsured Wayne County hospitality workers Click here for article      

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Mar 24

Resources for domestic violence survivors remain available during coronavirus pandemic

Video Clip Here DETROIT – As the coronavirus pandemic continues it can lead to severe anxiety and even a rise in domestic violence. Doctors and social workers want people to know that their lines are open for people with stress or people in danger. Being forced to stay inside during the pandemic can get frustrating, […]

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Mar 16

Take control of mind and mood with two healthy habits

By Susan Kozak For Media News Group | March 16, 2020     Most know that good lifestyle habits are crucial to maintaining physical wellness. The decisions we make on a daily basis, from regular exercise to proper nutrition and sleep, have a direct correlation to avoiding preventable diseases. The same is true for improving […]

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Feb 15

2020 emotional wellness inventory: boosting self-esteem

  By Susan Kozak For Media News Group | Feb 15, 2020 Continuing the theme for 2020, the year of emotional wellness, let’s address self-esteem. Webster defines self-esteem as “a reasonable or justifiable sense of one’s worth or importance.” It’s more than just liking yourself and it’s certainly not arrogance or narcissism.   Having healthy […]

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Jan 1

Make a resolution for emotional wellness in 2020

By Susan Kozak For MediaNews Group The third Monday in January is dubbed “Blue Monday” because the weather is usually miserable, the highs of Christmas are replaced by the lows of credit card bills and the days still seem way too short. Another factor is the new year’s resolutions made have already failed. It’s debatable […]

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Dec 14

When it just doesn’t feel like the most wonderful time of the year

  By Susan Kozak For MediaNews Group | Dec 14, 2019 We’re in the throes of the holiday season and all that it brings, for better or worse. Celebrations, family time, crowds, shrinking bank accounts and shorter days can make what is supposed to be a joyous time of year, feel stressful and filled with […]

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Nov 18

The science behind gratitude, your brain and a happier life

  By Susan Kozak For MediaNews Group | Nov 18, 2019   It’s the time of the year when we think more about gratefulness. Thanksgiving is approaching and many will gather around the table and ask the question “what are you grateful for?” But gratitude is far too important to reserve just during the holidays. […]

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Oct 23

Take ownership of your wellness with a mental health toolbox

By Susan Kozak For MediaNews Group | Oct 23, 2019 If you’ve ever built something – from a DIY birdhouse kit to something more complex, like a piece of furniture – you know that having the right tools makes all the difference. But have you ever thought about the tools you need to have in […]

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Dec 12

Launching Your ADHD Teen Into Adulthood — A Look at Natural Supports

Thursday, December 12, 2019 • 5-7 pm • FREE Turning Point Clubhouse, 1605 Fort Street, Lincoln Park, MI 48146 (Parking and entrance in rear of building) The Parent Summit Series helps parents feel organized, understand their ADHD child, explore discipline and talk about future goals in a supportive and positive environment. Please join us every […]

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CCS has been designated an Urgent Behavioral Health Care Services Provider

With the evolving issues around COVID-19 the need for urgent behavioral health care services is growing. We are here to help. Regardless of where you are currently receiving treatment, we can see you if your provider is not available. No appointment is necessary.  You can walk-in or call-in for services. Visit our COVID-19 page for more information.  Your wellness is our top priority.

Community Care Services,
26184 W. Outer Drive, Building A,
Lincoln Park, MI 48146

CALL-IN: 313-389-7500
(mention you are seeking URGENT behavioral health services)

HOURS: Monday thru Friday 8:30 am – 6:00 pm

We’re in this together. Take care, stay safe.

Susan, Kozak, LMSW

Executive Director, Community Care Services