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If you are seeking help from Community Care Services you can call us at 313-389-7500 or request a call back from one of our access staff.


If there is an immediate risk of injury or death, please call 911. For a suicide prevention hotline, please call 1-(844)-623-4347.

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Jun 24

The silent epidemic: men and mental health

By Susan Kozak For MediaNews Group | Jun 24, 2019 June is Men’s Health Month, an observance to raise awareness about health and wellness and ways to take control of their health and lifestyles. The goal of Men’s Health Month is to bring much-needed attention to conditions affecting men of all ages, ranging from physical […]

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May 20

The final frontier in breaking stigmas around mental health? The workplace

By Susan Kozak For MediaNews Group Is your workplace one that encourages employees to seek guidance and counsel on both personal and professional matters, including mental health? One in 5 Americans are affected by mental health conditions. In their personal lives, employees may feel perfectly comfortable addressing their mental health struggles — but then Monday […]

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Apr 19

Recognizing signs of stress is first step toward reducing it

By Susan Kozak for MediaNews Group Apr 19, 2019 Do you find yourself clenching your jaw during the day (or night)? Are you forgetting appointments or other important information more easily, or tapping your feet impatiently during a meeting or while waiting in line? With our modern, rushed lifestyles, it can be easy to feel […]

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Mar 18

A good night’s sleep matters for the mind

By Susan Kozak for MediaNews Group Mar 18, 2019 Irritability. Low energy and productivity. Trouble concentrating. Feeling low. All these issues can be caused by lack of sleep. March is National Sleep Awareness Month which highlights the importance of good sleep health and its affects on our overall health and wellness. The National Sleep Foundation […]

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Feb 19

Relationships and the impact on our health

By Susan Kozak for Digital First Media Feb 14, 2019 Relationships are one of the most valuable and important things in our lives, when they are healthy of course. But sometimes we can take them for granted and not realize how vital those connections are for our physical and mental health. On the heels of […]

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Jan 20

Now is the time to speak with your teens about drugs and alcohol

By Laura Boros Special to Digital First Media National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week®, January 22-27, 2019, is a national health observance linking teens to science-based facts to SHATTER THE MYTHS® about drugs and alcohol. As the parent of a teen, and a professional who works with children and adolescents in the schools, talking about […]

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Dec 15

2019 is the year of caring for mind, body and spirit

By Susan Kozak for Digital First Media Dec 15, 2018 December is the time of year most of us start looking towards the new year – resolutions, new beginnings, and new changes. Some of these resolutions are more popularly targeted to physical health and wellness, going to the gym, more travel, and family time. But […]

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Nov 22

Gratitude is an effective mental health recovery tool

By Susan Kozak for Digital First Media Nov 22, 2018 Studies have shown there is a powerful and effective tool we can all use to help foster a happy and healthy life. It has been proven to have physiological and spiritual benefits that can improve overall physical health. When practiced daily, it increases self-confidence and […]

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CCS has been designated an Urgent Behavioral Health Care Services Provider

With the evolving issues around COVID-19 the need for urgent behavioral health care services is growing. We are here to help. Regardless of where you are currently receiving treatment, we can see you if your provider is not available. No appointment is necessary.  You can walk-in or call-in for services. Visit our COVID-19 page for more information.  Your wellness is our top priority.

Community Care Services,
26184 W. Outer Drive, Building A,
Lincoln Park, MI 48146

CALL-IN: 313-389-7500
(mention you are seeking URGENT behavioral health services)

HOURS: Monday thru Friday 8:30 am – 6:00 pm

We’re in this together. Take care, stay safe.

Susan, Kozak, LMSW

Executive Director, Community Care Services